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No one can bring
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We believe that with great influence comes the great
responsibility to give back and to spread knowledge.
Knowledge that leads to empowerment. Creative Causes
is dedicated to giving women of all ages the knowledge
and tools to make powerful changes from within to find
inner strength and beauty.

Driven by the acute awareness of the various ways many women struggle
with their body image and self-worth starting from a young age, we
utilize the knowledge and influence of our industry to help break the
cycle of negative self-perception. By taking a truly holistic approach
– bringing together the beauty and fashion industry to promote
exchange and share insights about beauty, health and wellness, and
by supporting a selected group of non-profit organizations that
provide essential programs for the empowerment of women — we can
make a long-lasting impact.

Established in 1996, Creative Chaos is recognized across the globe for expertise and an innovative approach to creative services for production, casting, and event design. With a dedicated following of clients and an emphasis on long-term relationships, Creative Chaos provides services to many of the world’s top brands aiming to create an environment that goes beyond simply delivering great results, but also makes client experience as seamless, carefree, and fun as possible no matter the budget or timeframe.

Creative Causes is the philanthropic arm of Creative Chaos and draws upon the global resources of the fashion and beauty industries to empower women and girls. We focus on issues ranging from body image and self-esteem to wellness and gender equality in collaboration with a growing network of like-minded individuals and organizations.

Creative Causes is a fiscally sponsored project of NEO Philanthropy.

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Jenny Friedberg


With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Jenny is uniquely aware of the issues faced by woman and girls, particularly with regard to body image and self-esteem. In 1996, she founded Creative Chaos, a boutique media production, casting, event planning, and creative consulting agency with clients that reach from the high street to the luxury market. Jenny is deeply committed to creating positive change in the world and believes that by uniting, the fashion industry can leverage its power to more effectively transform lives.

Britten Chroman


Britten brings to Creative Causes a deep understanding of the non-profit world. In 2012, she founded the David Lynch Foundation Women’s Health Initiative, which has brought the benefits of Transcendental Meditation to approximately 750 women, girls, and staff in programs serving victims of violence and abuse. Her experience working within the philanthropic sector to create effective partnerships in support of women and girls makes her especially well-suited to lead the outreach efforts of Creative Causes, from initiating relationships with partner organizations to overseeing grantmaking and evaluati

NEO Philanthropy


Launched in 1983 as Public Interest Projects, NEO Philanthropy works to coalesce and strengthen the work of philanthropic institutions, nonprofit organizations, and other public interest groups committed to creating a society that provides justice, dignity, and opportunity for all people. The tax-exempt 501(c) (3) non-profit organization is a national leader in innovative philanthropic solutions. NEO leads large-scale collaborative grantmaking on a range of social justice issues, provide fiscal sponsorship and management to projects such as Creative Causes, manages donor-advised funds, and develops organizational and field-focused capacity-building initiatives.



Creative Conversations, an ongoing series of round tables, bring together
a unique mix of industry leaders to discuss beauty, power, mental and
physical health, as well as creativity. Existing perceptions are being
challenged and insights are shared. Each of these conversations becomes
part of our digital library and are available for women everywhere.


Our grant program, Creative Connections, supports a selected
group of non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the
empowerment of women. Fueled by funds we raise through
corporate partnerships, individual donations, and special
events, our partners are dedicated to improve womenís lives by
promoting a positive body image and self-esteem, health and
wellness, education, and gender equality.

Non profits that inspire us.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success is a global not-for-profit organi- zation that promotes the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career develop- ment tools to help women thrive in work and in life

Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is dedicated to improving the

self-esteem and quality of life of women undergoing treatment for cancer. It is the organization’s aim to improve the self-image and appearance of these women through complimentary group, individual, and self-help beauty sessions that create a sense of support, confidence, courage, and community.

I Am That Girl

In an epidemic of negativity, I AM THAT GIRL is helping girls transform self-doubt in to self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter. Girls are bombarded with messages that attack their actions, looks, ways of thinking, and that make judgments on what she is not. I AM THAT GIRL works to help her love who she is, to see all the positives in herself, and to empower her to inspire the same in others.

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code believes to close the gender gap in technology, we have to inspire girls to pursue computer science by exposing them to real life and on screen role models. We engage engineers, developers, executives, and entrepreneurs to teach and motivate the next generation. Our guest speakers, mentors, and instructors are leaders in their fields, working in positions our girls aspire to attain.

David Lynch Foundation Women’s Health Initiative

To help combat the epidemic of violence and assault against women and children, the David Lynch Foundation launched a Women’s Health Initiative in 2012 that offers Transcendental Meditation, an evidence-based, alternative therapy shown to heal and empower victims of abuse. The Initiative partners with leaders in the field of domestic violence and human trafficking across the U.S. and around the world to provide this therapy to women and children who need it most.

Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. The organization aims to inform, engage, and mobilize new audiences to take actions and raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world. Founder Christy Turlington Burns is a mother, social entrepreneur, fashion icon, model, and founder of Every Mother Counts.

Girl Be Heard

Girl Be Heard creates a world for young women to find strength, realize their potential, and rise above their circumstances and society’s expectations of them.

Girl Be Heard uses theater as our vehicle to empower young women to become brave, confident, socially conscious leaders and explore their own challenging circumstances.


Donate today to help provide women and girls with
the tools and support they need to take charge of
their lives, appreciate themselves for who they are,
and create a more positive and just world.

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We apply our experience in the philanthropic sector to partner with a diverse group of highly effective non-profit organizations.


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